About the Nonsense

Silly Nonsense first appeared on the Internet in 2000 as a random blog thingy, before blogs were a thing, and often referred to as thingies. It featured a web cam of Jeff's front yard. No really, people actually watched it and were very excited to see delivery guys deliver stuff.

The site was relaunched at the end of 2020 to host videos made in a Covid world where we suddenly had a lot of time on our hands to make stuff. Because the Internet didn't have enough stuff. Our mission is to make more stuff, probably show more cats, and prove that anyone can make video for the Internets.

Team Puzzoni


The "Dad," Jeff got into the software business in 1999 when it was clear that the broadcast world was not a shortcut to wealth. He also wasn't much of a television personality.


The real brains of the operation. She really, really likes cats.


Youngest of the family, but funny in his own, unexpected ways.

Non-profit links

We frequently feature links to non-profits in our posts that we think are interesting or worth donating to. Of course, it's up to you to vet these organizations before you give them money. We find that Charity Navigator is a useful site to look deeper into the finances of a non-profit.

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